Who We Are

Zwerling, Schachter & Zwerling, LLP was formed on January 1, 1985, concentrating in complex litigation, including class actions involving violations of securities laws, antitrust, deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud, as well as other investor rights litigation.

Zwerling Schachter successfully represents the "Davids" of this world against the "Goliaths" of commerce and industry. With its strong leadership, Zwerling Schachter has prosecuted high-profile and ground-breaking cases.

Since its inception Zwerling Schachter has built a reputation for solid legal expertise and thoroughness that has earned it the respect of its peers, as well as courts throughout the United States. Courts have selected Zwerling Schachter many times as lead counsel in complex matters.

Public pension funds, union health and benefit funds, institutions and individuals trust Zwerling Schachter to protect their interests. If you or your organization believes that you have been victimized by corporate wrongdoing, contact Zwerling Schachter to discuss available courses of action.

Class Actions and You:  David vs. Goliath  

In today's world, we interact with thousands of diverse companies and enterprises as we go about our daily lives. In our investments, retirement planning, purchases, and in meeting our medical and recreational needs, we place our trust in companies we may or may not know and in people we have never met. This is a fact of modern life.

The financial structures that support our way of life are likewise under the control of others we do not know; yet we necessarily entrust them with our pensions, our children's education funds, our very futures.

Where so much trust is necessary for the efficient function of commerce and industry, there must be a balance of accountability.

Our legal system provides a method of accountability whereby the inequities of scale and resources do not affect outcomes. This method is through class actions. In class actions, the playing field between a "David" and a "Goliath" is leveled. If the alleged commercial or financial wrongdoing meets certain legal and factual criteria, the law provides that an individual or entity may commence a lawsuit on one's own behalf and on behalf of all others that have been similarly harmed. As a result, the potential for challenging corporate abuses and righting injustice is available to all.

In these complex times, it is often only through the power of the class action mechanism that we, as a society, can be reasonably assured of the integrity of both the financial and commercial marketplace. With this efficient and effective tool, ordinary citizens and institutional investors can bring about extraordinary results.