Book Commemorates 9/11-Related Pro Bono Services of Zwerling Schachter and Other Firms

9/11 Union Project 

Shortly after September 11, 2001, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest ("NYLPI") recognized a need for legal representation for low-income victims of the World Trade Center attacks and their families. NYLPI enlisted nine New York law firms, including Zwerling Schachter, to represent approximately 70 families on a pro bono basis. Most of the victims had worked at Windows on the World and had been members of Local 100 of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union or had worked as security guards or maintenance employees and had been members of Local 32B-J of the Service Employees International Union.

New Book Released

Book commemorates 9/11-related pro bono services of Zwerling Schachter and other firms on behalf of union family members of victims of the World Trade Center attack.

"...[T]hese lawyers and other professionals...distinguished themselves as members of the "9/11 Project" by providing hope and succor to surviving family members of the most vulnerable victims of terrorist mass murder at the World Trade Center..."

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