In approving a fee award in connection with the settlement in Stott v. Capital Financial Services, Inc., the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas commented:

The amount requested by class counsel in this case is not just reasonable but also restrained considering the complexity of this litigation and the enormous effort it took to reach this settlement....[The Court] has consistently observed throughout this litigation, the work of the attorneys in this case has been diligent, effective, and of extremely good quality. This is especially important in terms of class counsel because of the extremely effective work of opposing counsel …. class counsel has managed to obtain a settlement when the alternative for most or all class members was very likely nothing at all …. Class counsel in this case possesses great competence and experience, and the result reached in this case perfectly exemplifies its abilities. The Court has been extremely impressed with the conduct, skill, and accomplishment of class counsel throughout this litigation. - Stott v. Capital Financial Services, Inc., N.D. Texas, Case 3:11-cv-02073-F (Order dated 9/12/11).

In appointing Zwerling Schachter as lead counsel, the Court noted that the: 

. . . attorneys have extensive experience, many successes on their resumes, and have obtained sizable recoveries on behalf of their clients. - In re Old Banc One Shareholders Securities Litigation, N.D. Ill., 1:00-CV-2100. (Minute Order dated December 21, 2000).

In appointing Zwerling Schachter as lead counsel, the Court determined that the firm has:

. . . the requisite ability and expertise to prosecute and manage this litigation effectively. - Telxon Corporation Securities Litigation, N.D. Ohio, 5:98-CV-2876, 67 F. Supp. 2d 803, 824 (N.D. Ohio 1999).

Zwerling Schachter has represented consumers who were victims of overcharging in the sale of toys in In re Playmobil Antitrust Litigation, E.D.N.Y., 95 Civ. 2896.  Judge Seybert complimented the work of Class Counsel, including Zwerling Schachter, stating in her opinion certifying the Class:

As set forth in greater detail in the firm resumes...: (1) Zwerling, Schachter & Zwerling, LLP [and three other firms] ...; all have extensive familiarity with the prosecution of complex litigations, class actions and specifically, antitrust litigations.... This is further borne out by counsels’ submissions and conduct to date before this Court. - In re Playmobil Antitrust Litigation, 1998 WL 966003 at *13 (E.D.N.Y. Dec. 30, 1998).

I’ll join my learned colleagues from this and other jurisdiction[s] in commending counsel in arriving at something that represents a great deal of hard work and a great deal of ingenuity in putting together a settlement of this magnitude and complexity, and especially the cost effective way in which this settlement is proposed to be distributed. - Karofsky v. Abbott Laboratories, et al., Case No. CV-95-1009, Transcript of Hearing at 17. (Super. Ct. Cumberland Co., Maine, Dec. 2, 1998).

Zwerling Schachter was co-lead counsel and a member of the Executive Committee in eleven actions filed against the major pharmaceutical manufacturers alleging violations of state antitrust laws for charging higher prices to consumers who purchased brand name prescription drugs from retail pharmacies. Those cases resulted in a $65 million settlement. The courts presiding over those cases have commented on the firm’s expertise:

I think the lawyering in this case is most commendable. I think that both sides have accorded themselves in a manner that allows us to be proud of the profession. . . - Kerr v. Abbott Laboratories, et al., Case No. 96-2837, Transcript of Hearing at 16-17. (Dist. Ct. Hennepin Co., Minn., Nov. 24, 1998).

I think the quality of counsel is excellent. - McLaughlin v. Abbott Laboratories, et al., Case No. CV 95-0628, Transcript of Hearing at 28. (Super. Ct. Yavapai Co., Ariz., Oct. 28, 1998).

. . . this Court, in particular, has been helped along every step of the way by some outstanding lawyering . . . You can hardly say that there’s been anything but five star attorneys involved in this case. - Scholfield v. Abbott Laboratories, et al., Case No. 96 CV 460, Transcript of Hearing at 31 and 33. (Cir. Ct. Dane Co., Wisc., Oct. 5, 1998).

As a member of a team of plaintiffs’ trial counsel, Zwerling Schachter was complimented by Judge Kimba Wood as having done a:

superb job [ ] on behalf of the class.... This was a very hard fought case. You had very able, superb opponents, and they put you to your task.... The trial work was beautifully done and I believe very efficiently done.... - ICN/Viratek Securities Litigation, S.D.N.Y., 87 Civ 4296.

Judge Patterson, in commenting on Zwerling Schachter, said: 

[they] acted skillfully and resourcefully.... [Zwerling Schachter] exercised wisdom and judgment and negotiated a skillful settlement with the defending company and with the officer and director/defendants. - Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. Derivative Litigation, S.D.N.Y., 89 Civ 5742 (RPP), 1992 WL 150632, at *2 (S.D.N.Y. June 15, 1992).